Fancy Heading Module

Typewriting text is very popular these which provides you an animated text and headline to make it more attractive to visitors.

By default, Divi doesn’t provide the typewriting effect in their text module so we made the Fancy Heading module for this, by using it you can easily add a typewriting effect to Divi Builder with absolutely no coding required.

In Divi Builder insert Fancy Heading module.

And set up your text you want to show on your site.

Now go to Effects Panel where you can control your Typewriting effect such as Select Effect, Enable/Disable Loop and Show a Cursor if you want.

  • Effect – You can Choose multiple typing effect(currently only 1)
  • Loop – Makes the text to loop(never stops typing).
  • Curson – Shows a cursor after the typing text.

In the Advanced Settings option, you can control the speed of Typing text in your desired time.

In the Design tab > Highlight Text > Fancy text,  you can change Font size, Font Color, and Font weight, etc of the typewriting text.

In the Normal Tab, you can play with the Normal text.

In the Basic Panel, you can change text Heading Level and adjust the Alignment of the text to Left, Center, Right or Justified.

Do you need a live demo of the Fancy Heading module? You can have it here:

See Demo Page

Before and After Image Slider

With the Divi AiO Plugin, you also get a module called as Before and After Image Slider which gives you an ability to represent two images using a Handle which lets you compare two images.

If you run some kind of business and you want to compare two images to show your Results using a handle then this Module is very helpful to you. You can easily represent your Results in an awesome way.

To do that, add Module as AiO – Before and After Slider and add your images in Before and After Sections. And you also have the ability to change the Label Text and Color as well.

After doing all the Design changing I designed this. And you can see that it’s super awesome and nicely designed.

You also have the ability to change the direction of the Handle in Horizontal and Vertical. As you can see in this Image.

You can also change the Handle Initial offset which sets the place of the handle. Maybe at the very first or very end. When we set it to 0.2 it will look like this. By default, it’s on 0.5 which sets the handle in the center.

Rather than that, you have lots of other stylings options by using them you can make an awesome Before and After Slider.

If you want a live preview to it you can have that here:

See Demo Page

How to Set Multiple Column Fields in Contact Form 7 Styler Module

If you want to set multiple column structure in Contact Form 7 Using Divi AiO. So you can do that very easily using wrapper class by following this guide.

Here is the class to make multiple structures of fields: “daio-cf7-col”

For this, we need a parent wrapper which is <span>  to enclose every form element.


For 2 Column

For 3 Column

Make sure to Change Field 1 and Field 2 with the field you want.

Like this:


And here is the screenshot that will help you to understand how to implement the same.


And here is a quick preview at what result you are going to get.

If you want a live preview to it you can have that here:


Contact Form 7 Styler Module

Contact Form 7 Module is very useful if you uses this plugin on your site.Because Divi doesn’t provide you any styling for this and that’s where Divi AiO comes.

With Divi AiO’s Contact Form 7 Module you can easily represent a beautiful Contact form built with the Divi Builder.

You can style Fields , Labels , Buttons , Check boxes and Radio Buttons , Success Message etc.

Everything is visual happening in front of your eyes.And we working on it to add more features and enhancements to it.

First make sure that you make a Form and Click Save button.You might have 1 already there when you install this plugin.

Now go to Visual Builder and then Select your Form.

As you have selected your form now you can start designing your form with Contact form 7 styler Module with Stunning Design Options

We have a Demo of it which you can see here:

System Requirements

We do our best to make Divi AiO faster, powerful and lightweight. To achieve this, we make sure it is based on the latest technology available.

Here are the system requirements you need in order to use Divi.


Divi AiO works with WordPress version 4.7 or greater


Divi also works with PHP 5.6, but these older versions have reached official End Of Life and as such may expose your site to security vulnerabilities and bugs so Divi works great with PHP v7.2 or greater (and it’s recommended to have the latest PHP version).


For the MySQL database, 5.6 version or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater.

WP Memory Limit

WP Memory limit of 128 MB or greater (256MB or higher is preferred)


Divi AiO can work on all the servers supporting PHP, MySQL and runs WordPress perfectly.