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Image Compare

For comparing one image to another image this module is the best tool for you. By using this module you can comfortably present the differences between two images. By using this module you can present two images in a more meaningful

How to use Image Compare

Follow those steps. By following those steps you can easily use Image Compare and very soon we will insert here a video tutorial. Please at this time follow this documentation.

Step 1:

Go to the page and click Enable Visual Builder. Click Add new section and choose the row.

Step 2:

Click (+) icon “Add new module”, then “Insert module” will be appeared. From this section go to the search bar and search “DP Image Compare”. Select “DP Image Compare”.

Step 3:

After that, a layout will automatically appear. In the setting section, you will find three different tab Content, Design, and Advanced. Choice your content, elements, and layouts from this setting section. 

Step 4:

From the setting section, go to the Design tab and customize your content and elements.