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Attention: This installation procedure only applicable if you buy this plugin from the divipeople.com

After purchasing the plugin through the Iconic website, you will be received two emails.

  • The first will provide you with a link to download the plugin, along with your licence key. Keep your licence key safe!
  • The second will provide an invoice for your purchase. You can also download it as a PDF invoice for your records right from the email by clicking Your PDF Invoice.


Download the plugin’s .zip from the provided link


You can easily install this plugin like any other WordPress plugin. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance>Plugins>Add New and click on Upload Plugin. Locate the .zip file on your computer and click Install Now.

Once the file upload is finished, you should click on Activate. Then you will see the Wow Divi Carousel as an active plugin in your Installed Plugins list.