Divi ConKit Pro

Divi ConKit Pro is the ultimate toolkit for creating stunning websites with Divi.

Packed with 35 powerful Divi modules and extensions, you can take your websites to new heights.

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40+ Modules & Extensions

Blog Plus

Post Grid helps to create beautiful grids and present your blog posts excellently. This module is a master of displaying a grid from any custom post type.

Instagram Feed

Innovatively showcase Instagram posts and catch site visitors’ attention by displaying remarkable Instagram images with our powerful Instagram module.

Flip Box

The Flip Box module makes the content more attractive and engaging with an interactive before and after effect.

Lottie Animation

Add Lottie animations and files to the Divi WordPress website in just a few clicks using the new Lottie module.


This module accommodates pointing to a specific part of your image animatedly with the text tooltip.

Inline SVG

Add SVG images to the pages without using any extra plugins, and those images are the perfect way to add scalable graphics on the Divi websites.


This module will assist to visualize the sequence of events in chronological order.

Floating Image

Create stunning animated floating images for the Divi websites.

Image Magnifier

This module converts your website into a more interesting and more interactive by zooming into any part of the images.

Image Accordion

Highlight the images with amazing hover and click effects using the Image Accordion module.

Image Compare

This module will assist in comparing one image to another image for visualizing the differences.

Image Masking

Set new impressive shapes for the images with the help of this module.

Image Scroll

This module will help to make a perfect image scroll into the web pages.

Advanced Divider

With the help of this module create stunning dividers on the web pages.

Advanced Heading

This module makes any section heading way more meaningful and powerful.

Advanced Team

Present the dedicated team, make the team members known to everyone, and display them most appealingly.

CF7 Styler

This module allows you to personalize the Contact Form 7.

Logo Grid

Showcase the logo into a grid and display those items with style.

Twitter Feed

Showcases any particular Twitter account feed to your website.

Card Module

Incredibly powerful module to demonstrate your products, articles, news, creative posts, and many more.

Content Toggle

Use the Content Toggle module of the Divi ConKit and allow users to switch between two kinds of content, saved layouts.

Dual Button

This module ensures you can easily insert a functional dual button in your web page.

Horizontal Timeline

Showcase the timeline and roadmaps like nobody else with these extremely powerful and customizable Horizontal Timeline modules.

Hover Box

Will be able to add hover effects to your inserted images.

Icon Box

This is an excellent module that can display icons alone or with information.

Info Box

Generate beautiful information boxes using icons, links, and texts, and make a unique type of Info box.

List Group

Display the customized list in a revolutionary way with the customization

Number Module

Quietly beautiful, this module can help you create stunning number blocks with various styles.

Price Menu

Display your food menu list including or excluding the price decently and creatively with this outstanding module.

Review Module

Showcasing user feedback attracts more potential customers. Showcase the user feedback, reviews, and rating more easily.


Can create different testimonial sections for your webpage.

Video Popup

This module is promising to set a well-defined video popup on your webpage.

Animated Text

Use headings to capture your visitors’ attention whenever it’s needed with breathtaking animation effects.

Business Hour

Post Grid helps to create beautiful grids and present your blog posts excellently. This module is a master of displaying a grid from any custom post type.

Social Share

This module lets you add highly customizable social share buttons that will integrate with your website’s design, leading to increased social media shares.